PLUS RACING GEAR issues a warranty of 1-year on all leather garments that includes Leather Suits (One piece/Two piece), Leather Jackets and Leather Pants. During this 1-year warranty period, PLUS RACING GEAR will repair or provide you broken part/material or repair charges for the products that come under warranty program.


There are usually two ways for faulty or broken product to repair:

1. You can ship the product to our physical address for repairing it. We will repair it free of cost and ship it back to you. You will have to pay shipping cost while sending the product for repairing. The return shipping (after repairing) will be paid by us.

2. Or you can repair the product at any local tailor in your area. We will send you faulty part/material and pay charges for it.


The warranty program includes material, manufacture, buttons and zippers only. Any improper use of the product or its parts; intentionally broken or damaged panels will not be accepted for warranty claims. Please, consider that leather is a natural product which can be subject to fluctuations. Fabric or material colors can also fade after time due to heavy exposure/usage in sunlight. Any damage to the product as a result of crash will not come under warranty program.


Any product purchased from the PLUS RACING GEAR's website can be returned within 30 days of delivery. PLUS RACING GEAR usually accepts returns of faulty or broken products and size change. Any product or part intentionally broken will not be accepted. Products returned must contain all the original tags attached. The shipping costs for returns will be paid by the customer. No returns will be accepted in case of customized product.


For any further information related to the above, please write us at: sales@plus-racing.eu